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Transfer Data files from Disks & Storage Systems

We undertake recovery, Data Migration, File Migration, Convert to CD or DVD,DVD-RAM, Disk transfers to DVD, and Data Recovery from CD DVD.

We also undertake data recovery of unusual / proprietary filesystems that no one else seems willing to touch, to regain access to legacy data files. Call or email us to discuss your requirements.

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Here we record our latest thoughts and progress ...

Cracked CD recovery

The CD sent to us today was cracked from the inside ring, stopping about 2 cm short of the outer edge. It had been to a few other companies and high street stores to get the photos off it without success. On our scanner we set the read offset to just concentrate on the outer edge (nothing can be done for the area with crack on it). We got back all the photos in this area of the disk to the relief of the owner.

Merging two bad files for one good one

There was an old accounting program on a 5.25 floppy disk arrived at our offices. The disk had a few bad sectors, one of which was in the middle of the program file. Fortunately we located another copy of the program in the USA. But it too had bad sectors. Fortunately its bad sectors were different to the original disk, so we merged the two files good sectors to produce a good copy of the program. Worked perfectly.

Floppy Disk Formatted

Interesting job today. The floppy disk had been used to keep a diary on and contained many hours of work. The disk was re-formatted and file names wiped out along with FAT file cluster allocation table. However we managed to recover the text and saved it chunks from each sector, so that it could be manually joined by the author.

Recent Recovery News...

Com Squared MO disks Conversion

Com Squared MO disks Conversion

Sun Com Squared MO disks, 30 Sony M.O. Disk 1.3GB disks - need converted to DVD, said the email last month from USA. The disks were from a Sun UNIX imaging system. The disks held paper reports that were scanned but customer could not access them at all despite looking for other companies that could do this recovery in USA but found none. Apex found the disks were created by Com Squared Systems. The Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) stored the files on Optical disks. Apex can now recover these to say TIF, PDF or other formats..

Atari 5.25 floppy disk conversion

Atari 5.25 floppy disk conversion

Atari computers , The Atari 800 computer had used an 810 5.25 inch Floppy disc drive. It was popular and we often receive disks with old text based files eg University Dissertations, books , novels, essays and diaries people had typed up - not realising that one day technology would move on and their work would be locked in a time capsule. We can transfer the files to CD and, if desired, convert these so you can easily open them
in Microsoft Word for editing/printing..

Apple ][ Disks Recovery.

Apple ][ Disks Recovery.

Apple ][ Disks Recovery., Apple ][ (Apple 2 se II) floppy disks were typically 5.25 inch. In the 1980s you would have had one of these in your office for word processing / spreadsheets, or your school may have had one Apple and some BBC Micros, but the Apple computer was always the one you wanted to use, with its imposing twin floppy drives mounted under the green monitor and its colourful logo. We are excited to offer a recovery service extract the files and convert them to a more modern format for use in Mac or Windows PC. The files can be converted to excel or Microsoft Word. Typically the disks were Single Sided Double Density 140k(140kb).

Data file transfer to CD or DVD services

8 inch Floppy Disk
5.25 Inch Floppy Disk
Amstrad Floppy Disk 3 inch
2.88MB Floppy Disk
Apple Mac Floppy Disk
Apple Mac Hard Disk Drive
ZIP disk
JAZ disk
Magneto Optical Disk
PD 650mb Optical Disk
Panasonic Optical LM disks
Syquest Disk
EZDrive Disk
DVD-RAM transfer to DVD

CD or DVD File Data Recovery Services

CD Data Recovery
DVD Data Recovery
DVD-RAM Data Recovery
DVD-R Data Recovery
DVD-RW Data Recovery
DVD+RW Data Recovery

Transfer of Scanned Documents saved to Optical Disks

Some proprietray scanning formats used their own file system and methods of saving to backup disks - usually Panasonic Optical types. We have developed techniques to assist in extracting the data

EDMS Electronic Document Management systems eg. PC-Doc

We have done bespoke work to extract office word, excel and pdfs from some EDMS systems which have saved the data to say Magneto Optical disks or CDs DVDs and DVD-Ram. Call or email us to discuss your requirements

Apple Mac File Transfer to CD / DVD for

- Mac Syquest / Sparq / Ezflyer File Transfer
- Mac MO Disk File Data Transfer
- Mac Tape File Transfer Data Recovery
- Mac Zip Disk CD Transfer Recovery
- Mac Jaz Disk CD File Transfer Data Recovery
- Mac Ditto Tape Cartridge Transfer
Data Recovery for Missing or Lost Folders & Files. We have the equipment to bring your lost files back. All your hard work for Graphics, Images, Photographs and Multimedia video files need not be lost forever. We recover from HFS and HFS+ Mac OS Extended file systems and CD’s and DVD’s DVD-RAM formatted in the Apple Mac Superdrive. DVD-RAM includues cartridge/caddy style DVD-RAM case Type-1 Types-2 Type-3, Type-I Type-II, Type-III. We can return your data burnt to an Apple Mac formatted CD DVD+R DVD-R DVDRW DVD+RW DVD-RAM. We also specialise in MacDraw Quark ClarisWorks Appleworks file transfers & conversions from older vintage Macintosh computers. Recover files and folders from crashed or corrupted hard disks, floppy disks, or removable cartridges.

Transfer and Recover from following File Systems

Data recovery for FAT FAT32 and NTFS file systems.
Linux with EXT2fs, EXT3, XFS, reiserfs & jfs filesystems on standalone & RAID volumes

Recover from partitions, even if the boot sector or FAT has been erased or damaged
Recover files with the original time and date stamp
Recover files on network drives
Recover from all Win 95, Win 98, Win ME, NT 4.0, Windows™ XP and Windows™ 2000 systems.

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5.25 inch floppy disks Sony md-2hd 1.2mb transfer to CD

5.25 inch floppy disks Sony md-2hd 1.2mb transfer to CD

Neptune Sonar Ltd, Driffield, Yorkshire, 2015-11-02
5.25 inch floppy disks Sony md-2hd 1.2mb transfer to CD. That's superb, many thanks for your efforts..

PC floppy disk conversion

PC floppy disk conversion

Thame, Oxfordshire, 2015-10-23
We had a Sony micro floppy disk - unable to read on pc and needed conversion to pc compatible CD. Thanks so much for sending these two files. I had assumed that my late husband had not actually written anything under these headings. My son and daughter and I are very pleased with the information you have retrieved and the service you have given us so thanks again.. If I find any more old Mac disks I'll definitely send them to you given your excellent service and recommend you to others..